G. D. C. & H. – Jamnagar



Hose Barb

Hose Joint

Yee Joint Nipple

45° Male Hose Elbow

Male Hose Swivel

Hose Swivel Nipple

SAE 45° Swivel Hose Barb

90° Hose Elbow

90° Single Barb Male Elbow

Brass Hose Connector With External Thread

Brass Hose Connector With Internal Thread

Push-On Hose Barb

Hose Mender Splicer

SAE 45° Flare Female Swivel

JIC 37° Flare Female Swivel

Rigid Female Push-On Hose Bards

SAE 45° Flare Male Push-On Hose Bards

JIC 37° Flare Male Push-On Hose Bards

Plain Tube Push-On Hose Bards

Inverted Flare Female Push-On Hose Bards

All kinds of Brass Hose Fitting can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.

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